Tribeca New Music presents “a wide variety of composers, united by creative engagement with popular culture.” —New York Times

2013 Festival
5-Concert Series!
May 9-12 at The Cell, NYC

New works by Jacob TV and many others

In our first full series as Artists in Residence at The Cell theater, the 2013 Festival presents Art of the Salon, a re-imagining of the salon tradition for the 21st century; premiering exciting new works that feature high-caliber performing artists in a premium setting that will be streamed live on the internet to a global audience. Details.

Concert 1
Art of the Salon
Thursday, May 9 at 8pm

New works by
Michael Lowenstern
Preston Stahly
Richard Sussman
Jacob TV

Performed by
Margaret Lancaster, flute
Zach Brock, violin
Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet

Written for flutist Margaret Lancaster, Jacob TV leads off the 2013 Festival with the world premiere of IT, bringing speech music and video together to tell the amazing story of how Hellen Keller learned to speak with the help of her coach Ann Sullivan. Michael Lowenstern will perform four works including the premiere of Lost in Translation, and What’d I Say, a tribute to the late, great, Ray Charles. Preston Stahly will have the premiere of his Pleiades written for jazz-great violinist Zach Brock, and Richard Sussman’s Evlolution 2 will be performed by Zach with Richard on piano and laptop. Details.

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Concert 2
A Musical Sacrifice
Friday, May 10 at 8pm

New works by
Florent Ghys
Patrick Grant
Joshua Lopes
Terry Riley
Jacob TV
additional works by
Lisa Coons
Daniel Felsenfeld

Performed by
Kathleen Supové, piano
James Moore, guitar

Pianist Kathleen Supové and guitarist James Moore pair up in their new duo A Musical Sacrifice. “As we got to know each other over the years, finding ourselves at similar concerts and with similar interests, we thought it made sense to work on a project together,” says James Moore. Riffing off the idea of A Musical Offering by Bach, “we decided to call ourselves A Musical Sacrifice, because of the way we throw ourselves into the music.” Details.

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Concert 3
Tribeca Monsters!
Saturday, May 11 at 8pm

Works by

Armando Bayolo
Richard Cionco
Annie Gosfield
Judd Greenstein
Erkki-Sven Tüür
Randall Woolf

And a special tribute to
William Duckworth

Performed by
Geoffrey Burleson, piano
Mary Rowell, violin

Mary Rowell and Geoffrey Burleson are the first two original members of the Tribeca Monsters, Tribeca New Music’s in-house band. A founding member of the string quartet Ethel, concertmaster of the Radio City Orchestra, and Palm Beach Pops Orchestra, Mary brings dazzling talent and experience to the stage. Likewise, Geoffey Burleson’s virtuosity and incredible stylistic scope has wowed audiences both from the stage and from his numerous recordings with Naxos, Oxingale, New World, Centaur, and others. Details.

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Concert 4
Sunday, May 12 at 3pm

Works by
Mason Bates
Eve Beglarian
Annie Gosfield
Ethan Iverson
Phil Kline
James Mobberley
Nico Muhly
David Rakowski
Steve Reich
Geoff Sheil

Performed by
Anthony de Mare, piano

Sunday matinee features the ground-breaking pianist Anthony de Mare in a program of 12 diverse works, all of which are “re-imaginings.” The program will feature 8 pieces from The Liaisons Project, de Mare’s landmark commissioning and concert project for which 36 composers have re-imagined the songs of Stephen Sondheim for solo piano, as well as the New York premieres of James Mobberley’s Peace Study, an electro-acoustic Tibetan-chant excursion inspired by the Dalai Lama, and Irish composer Geoff Sheil’s electro-acoustic take on a vintage Newport cigarette commercial. The program will also feature Mobberley’s re-imagining of Terry Riley’s seminal In C and the world premiere of Frederic Rzewski’s The News, written especially for Tony—a wilder re-imagining of Sondheim’s iconic song I’m Still Here. The Liaisons portion of the program includes works by Steve Reich, Nico Muhly, Eve Beglarian, Annie Gosfield, Phil Kline, Mason Bates, David Rakowski, and Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus. Details.

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Concert 5
The Living Earth Show
Sunday, May 12 at 8pm

Works by
Samuel Carl Adams
Timo Andres
Christopher Cerrone
Brian Ferneyhough
Adrian Knight
Ken Ueno

Performed by
Andrew Meyerson, percussion
Travis Andrews, guitar

The Living Earth Show, the San Francisco-based duo with guitarist Travis Andrews and percussionist Andrew Meyerson, bring a bevy of electronic accouterments and their considerable musicality to the stage in this final “shredfest” concert of the Festival. Representing a new generation of emerging artists, their tireless devotion to new genres of music is demonstrated by the fact that they memorize all the music they perform. The concert highlights the similarities inherent within the extremes of
complexity and minimalism, tonality and microtonality, and the classical music establishment and immensely talented but irritatingly-termed “New New York School”of young up-and-coming composers.

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